weeknight_bioComprised of New York based duo known simply as Holly and Andy, Weeknight create the sort of languid, obfuscous pop that swirls slightly menacingly through your eardrums. The interlocking male-female vocals contain both beauty and enigmatic characteristics, whether it be the bass heavy Devil or the glitchy Dark Light (Warrior), the crackling guitar lines and other-worldly lyrics elevate Weeknight above many of their synth-led contemporaries.

Weeknight LP and DGTL available March 2014.


“Weeknight manage to encapsulate all the groovy moodiness of recent American gloom rockers on Post-Everything. The duo boss that same male-female vocal chemistry that saw Mosshart and Hince rise to prominence with The Kills, they boast a lyrical glumness that could rival the likes of Matt Berninger and Paul Banks, and in turns they are as melodiously miserable as The National and as sublimely macabre as Interpol.” -The Line of Best Fit

“The duo Weeknight make elegant synth pop that doesn’t let any of their darkness get in the way of beautifully orchestrated melodies. “Dark Light” is the first single off their upcoming debut Post Everything and gets that point across right from the start as the male/female vocals drift over gradually building neon synths.” -Stereogum

“With Post-Everything, Weeknight have crafted something bigger than genre itself; they have curated an entire atmosphere.  This is music that takes on a life, splashing through wet neon reflections in gutters or echoing through misty caves rimed in crystal formations.” – Audiofemme

“The video is directed by Austin M. Kearns and it pairs nicely with the haunting beauty of the song, which comes from their upcoming debut record Post-Everything out March 4th on Artificial Records.  - Noisey

“Their sound is a dreamy landscape, where intense backbeats coexist with floating synths, and where our inner goth kid makes peace with our preppy side. Think The Cure meets Beach House.” - Speak into my Goodeye

Artificial Records is back with another captivating record. This time around it is the debut of a duo called Weeknight. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the song writing on Post Everything is very polished considering it is a “debut” album.” -Mishka Bloglin

Performing with nothing more than a semi-hollow body guitar, a pair of keyboard racks and (presumably) a bunch of effects pedals, watch as the shoegaze-inflected duo delivers a punishing rendition of their sickly-sweet single “Honey,” complete with off-kilter keyboard solo and tremolo-heavy strums.” – Exclaim 




Release date: March 2014