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Dream Affair NYC 012613

Dream Affair “Syndrome” live at Home Sweet Home in NYC January 26, 2013.

Just Announced: Dream Affair/Iceage gig in New York

Tiers join the Artificial Records Family

Photo by Phil Maier

We’re very happy to announce that Tiers have joined Artificial Records for their debut release.
Check out the track below for a taste of whats to come.

Jacob Graham (The Drums) hypes Dream Affair in this week’s NME.

“Like most of the bands around the Wierd camp, Dream Affair do an amazing job of taking something old and rare and keeping it pure.  Their new cassette, ‘Aborted State’ could be from 1982. If it aint broke…” 

-Jacob Graham

Dream Affair featured on Kubiat Nnamdie’s mix on

Listen to DREAM AFFAIR‘s song “The Porter” on Kubiat Nnamdie’s mix recently curated for Tracklist here.

Dream Affair Featured on Pitchfork

Stream Dream Affair’s “The Porter” via Pitchfork Media

“The young Brooklyn coldwave trio Dream Affair pay fair homage to gothic sounds of 1980s Britain on their recent Aborted State cassette, fusing voguish Cure/Sisters of Mercy-derived morosity with industrial and pop leanings à la Wierd Records. Prep for October’s impending All Hallow’s Eve with “The Porter”, where the band casts just enough restraint and thematic hopelessness over familiar elements– skeletal synth melodies, deep mechanized thuds– to feel distinct. Naturally the track has got a gloomy, self-produced video set in ruinous post-WWII Berlin; Altered State will be out on 12″ vinyl early next year via Toronto’s Artificial Records.” ~ Pitchfork Media

Dream Affair “The Porter” Video

Dream Affair “The Porter” from the upcoming Artificial debut release /// Self-produced video set in ruinous post-WWII Berlin

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