DOOMSQUAD is psychedelic electronic dance music from Toronto, Canada. Having formed in 2010, siblings Trevor, Jaclyn, and Allie Blumas soon began to explore trance and electronic beat making. Their shared fascination with dance culture, rhythm, and the unknown, along with their lifelong immersion in the arts, began to manifest as a collective ethos. Before long, DOOMSQUAD had mushroomed into a full-scale art project.

Inspired by some of their favourite artists — Georges Bataille, Richard Tuttle, Tanya Tagaq, and Genesis P-Orridge — DOOMSQUAD travelled to the New Mexican desert last year to write and record their sophomore album, Total Time, out 29 April on Bella Union and Hand Drawn Dracula. The album opens with the enticing dance of ‘Who Owns Noon in Sandusky,’ which was written to inspire the nakedness in us all, a song to wake up our inner clocks and reclaim our circadian time. ‘Solar Ass’ was written as a love song to a donkey, a song for paying respect to the smaller, under-appreciated elements that carry us through our contemporary lives. Total Time is dark, pulsating beats interspersed with hypnotic, incantatory jams. Its songs are meant to lead you through a genderless experience of transition to owning time, losing time, and becoming timeless, while providing a platform for you to dance through your consciousness.

Doomsquad “Total Time”. Release date: April 29th via Hand Drawn Dracula (CAN) and Bella Union (ROW)

“Not your average family band – “Pyramids On Mars” is filled with echoey effects, rapid-fire percussion, and a warbling, ominous bass synth melody—the hallmarks of quirky sci-fi sonics.” – THE FADER

“The group weave the aboriginal music of their North Canadian upbringing into the visionary sounds of Gang Gang Dance, Fever Ray and Gazelle Twin. Subtly entrancing and sulphurous, “Kalaboogie” stretches out like a volcanic winter, soaring over Doomsquad’s native Canadian wilds and effortlessly outpacing the long shadow of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.” – DAZED

“Doomsquad is an example of a group that has the potential to defy stereotypes – put it this way:
the urban jungle would be nowhere without the witchy woods to daydream about.” – IMPOSE (US)

“Fusing electronic pulses, clicks, synths and deep bass with chanting, drones, repeated phrases, surf guitars and dark new age references, existing in the gap between nature and technology, the ancient and the modern.” – THE LINE OF BEST FIT

“Their sound is a heady mix of crushing beats, shamanic chanting, world beat percussion and ethereal psychedelic atmospheres meant to evoke the wonder of the natural world and elevate your consciousness to another plane. You kind of have to immerse yourself in it, but trust me when I say it works and there’s nothing else out there quite like it in dance music or indie-rock circles at the moment.” ~ THE STAR


April 29th, 2016

1. Who Owns Noon in Sandusky?
2. Pyramids on Mars
3. Collective Insanity
4. It’s the Nail that Counts, Not the Rope
5. Solar Ass
6. Farmer’s Almanac
7. The Very Large Array
8. Eat the Love view
9. Russian Gaze

May 15th, 2015

1. Two-Way Mirror
2. Apocalypso
3. Ice Storm
4. Two-Way Mirror (Instrumental)
5. Apocalypso (Instrumental)



February 25th, 2014

1. When the Dead Become Infants
2. Head Spirit (for our Mechanical Time)
3. Disremember/Dismemberment
4. Waka Waka
5. Waka Binaural (digital bonus)
6. Kalaboogie
7. Born from the Marriage of the Moon & a Crocodile
8. Eternal Return
9. Ovoo

June 25th, 2013

1. Born from the Marriage of the Moon & a Crocodile
2. Eternal Return
3. Riders on the Storm


November 5th, 2014

1. Kalaboogie (Graham Walsh Remix)
2. Eternal Return (Slade Robbie / Humans Remix)
3. Born from the Marriage of the Moon & Crocodile (Lee Paradise Remix)
4. Disremember/Dismemberment (Moonwood Remix)
5. Ovoo (Sibian+Faun Remix)
6. Eternal Return (Mono Cliffs Remix)
7. Ovoo (Kitt Grill Remix)

November 26th, 2013

1. Ovoo
2. The Cools

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