NAILBITER is the synthesized alter ego of recording producer and engineer Josh Korody (BELIEFS, CANDLE RECORDING). The project came to light with the release of FORMATS in 2015 and SWORM in 2016, which was recorded by Korody himself with the exception of the title track, Sworm, which was recorded by Jeff Berner (Psychic TV) at Studio G in Brooklyn, NY and mastered in it’s entirety by Jarod Gibson (Odonis Odonis).

With two releases and a line of impressive performances behind him, Nailbiter has been toying away, pulling cords and turning knobs to create his newest presentation, WAVESHAPER. Waveshaper came to life with the help of David Psutka (Egyptrixx) and Jeremy Greenspan (Junior Boys) on mastering. The live aspects of Nailbiter are ever shifting from collaborative works (with Keita Juma at 2016 Forms Festival), to noise performances, to dark techno dance parties, and will continue to grow and take new forms through anxious beats and pulsating darkness.

Waveshaper is set to be released March 03, 2017 on Premium Digital via Hand Drawn Dracula







►   Spoiled — from “WAVESHAPER” — directed by Romar L Johnson

►   Splatter — from “FORMATS” — directed by Adam Leon







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