PRAISES is the solo project of BELIEFS co-founder Jesse Crowe. Following the world-wide critical acclaim of Beliefs and the release of her first EP1 as Praises, Jesse Recorded EP2 at Toronto’s Candle Recording Studio with co-producer Josh Korody, Andrew Roy on bass, Robyn Phillips (VALLENS) on guitar, and Laura Jane Beach on violin.

Praises EP2 released Dec 29th, 2017 – Jan 5th, 2018.





►   Calm As Colour (Official Audio) — from: EP2

►   Saskatoon (Official Audio) — from: EP2

►   Saskatoon 2 (Official Audio) — from: EP2

►   Cult Of Absence (Official Audio) — from: EP2

►   The Devil — from: EP1 — directed by Jesse Crowe w/ Bill Crowe

►   Breathing In — from: EP1 — directed by Henry Samson




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