Toronto’s DELILUH join Hand Drawn Dracula (HDD)!

Their debut LP, Day Catcher, self-released in July and now being treated to a wider official release through HDD on May 4th. Day Catcher was recorded at home on a reel-to-reel tape machine and has slowly gained notoriety through inner circles as a no-nonsense document of their craft. Watch the video for the album’s “Creeping Tom” above.

Deliluh is an art-rock group at the centre of the west-Toronto DIY music community that has been discreetly gaining local attention on their own terms. Their shows mostly ignore the traditional circuit of bars and clubs, opting for more unconventional spaces like bakeries, libraries, veteran halls, apartments, and soon a dormant subway station. The core members are also responsible for some of the city’s latest string of house shows, taking place in the living room of their Bloordale apartment; a space known by many as Somewhere Else.  MORE…

DELILUH are performing at CMW Underground at the decommissioned Lower Bay Subway Station on May 11th (facebook) w/ Tyriqueordie, E-Saggila, and Secret Guest TBA.  Day Catcher available now on vinyl / digital via HDD HERE.


05.11 Toronto: Lower Bay Station (CMW) w/ FUCKED UP
05.26 Toronto ON : Owls Club w/ Ice Cream, Anagram
06.16 Winnipeg: X-Cues
06.17 Regina: TBA
06.18 Saskatoon: Witch Mansion
06.19 Edmonton: Buckingham w/ Fountain
06.20-24 Calgary: Sled Island

PRAISES “Cult of Absence” // From EP2 – BUY HERE // directed by Ivy Lovell and edited by Sandy Miranda (F*d Up).

PRAISES “Calm As Colour” is #5 on CBC Music Radio3‘s top 30 this week,
along side label mates THE SEAMS #29 “Lemonade” and BREEZE “Please” #16.


We’re closing out 2017 & moving on to 2018 with PRAISES – EP2 (Jesse of BELIEFS / YI) and

PRAISES is the solo project of Beliefs co-founder Jesse Crowe. Following the world-wide critical acclaim of Beliefs and the release of her first EP1 as Praises, Jesse Recorded EP2 at Toronto’s Candle Recording Studio with co-producer Josh Korody, Andrew Roy on bass, Robyn Phillips (Vallens) on guitar, and Laura Jane Beach on violin.

BREEZE started as a few sketches in the notebook of songwriter, producer, and engineer Josh Korody. Their dream-pop sound took form soon after with collaborators and friends Kyle Connolly and Shawn Dell joining the band. After a few weeks of rehearsals, the three went into Korody’s Candle Recording Studio in Toronto’s west-end with producer Leon Taheny to record a full length record in 2013.

ORA COGAN “Sea People” premiere via UK’s CLASH
CRICKETS LP is out now // ORDER //

SONG OF THE DAY “Ora Cogan draws from a wide web of influence, but – truly – she sounds like no other.” ~ CLASH

Critic’s Pick / NNNN “She’s proven herself a gifted songwriter, but in finding a logical way to extend her neo-folk foundation into darkwave territory, Cogan now sounds truly vital.” ~ NOW MAGAZINE

“Cogan moves gracefully between introspective synth ballads and psychedelic folk songs. And while her lyrics focus on corporate greed and environmental degradation, her transcendent arrangements provide relief and hope.” ~ DAILY BANDCAMP

12/22/2017 Ottawa ON – General Assembly w/ Cedric Noel
12/21/2017 Toronto ON – The Garrison w/ Jennifer Castle

BELIEFS share their new Christopher Mills directed video for “Swamp Core” via CLASH Magazine + UK dates!

HABITAT album out now // ORDER HERE //

“‘Swamp Core’ is a menacing, brooding piece of post-punk.” ~ CLASH

Nov 22 – London, UK – the Brewhouse
Nov 23 – Hull, UK – The Polar Bear
Nov 25 – Brighton, UK – the Haunt w/ METZ
Nov 26 – Oxford, UK – The Library

ORA COGAN shares “Crickets” video directed by exquisitecorps.production via The 405
CRICKETS LP Out November 3rd // PRE-ORDER //

“a haunting blend of sounds to create a truly beautiful song” ~ THE 405

11/02 Vancouver BC, Redgate Revue Stage
11/03 Seattle WA, The Auditorium
11/04 Seaview WA, Sou’wester
11/05 Olympia WA, Obsidian
11/06 Portand OR, Turn, Turn, Turn
11/08 Oakland CA, Starline Social Club
11/10 Nevada City CA, Tiger Alley Vintage
11/11 San Francisco CA, The Chapel
12/02 Montreal QC, La Vitrola

THE SEAMS share “Lemonade” video directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick via GOLD FLAKE PAINT // Purchase single… HERE

“laced with a nostalgic vein running right through its hazy core – Like some snapshot of summer, the song almost wilts under the weight of winter but such sentiments are diluted by the new video which adds a big dash of charm to the whole piece, somewhat transforming the track in to a wistful and stirring reminder of summer” ~ GOLD FLAKE PAINT

11/04/17 Toronto ON : DBL DBL Land w/ Walmart, Moon Eyed

THE SEAMS share new single, “Lemonade,” streaming on STEREOGUM!
Purchase single HERE before October 27th release date.

“sweet new standalone single called “Lemonade” – offers a sunny guitar-driven melody and self-effacing lyrics;
think Real Estate with less whimsy” ~ STEREOGUM

11/04/17 Toronto ON : DBL DBL Land w/ Walmart, Moon Eyed

BELIEFS share a new video directed by Christopher Mills for “All Things Considered” via EARMILK and NOW MAGAZINE. The first in the HABITAT video trilogy of “All Things Considered,” “Retreat (light the fire),” and “1994”.


“[Beliefs] created the album in an astounding 16 days. This flurry of creativity is evident in the outcome, which is an accomplished exploration into darker, grittier sounds and looser structures – This band has locked into something exciting” ~ EARMILK

Oct 20 – Halifax, CA – Pop Explosion / CKDU Day Party
Oct 20 – Halifax, CA – Pop Explosion / The Seahorse
Nov 03 – Toronto, CA – The Garrison w/ Odonis Odonis
Nov 13 – Berlin, Germany – Internet Explorer
Nov 14 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – Roodkapje w/ Jo Marches
Nov 16 – Lyon, France – Le Marche Gare w/ Algiers
Nov 18 – Milan, Italy – Labrutepoque
Nov 20 – Paris, France – Supersonic
Nov 22 – London, UK – the Brewhouse
Nov 23 – Hull, UK – The Polar Bear
Nov 25 – Brighton, UK – the Haunt w/ METZ
Nov 26 – Oxford, UK – The Library

Stream “Darling” from ORA COGAN‘s upcoming “Crickets” LP via Nashville’s AMERICAN SONGWRITER MAGAZINE.

CRICKETS LP Out November 3rd // PRE-ORDER //

“bliss out with some dreamy, beautiful tunes – “Darling,” an ethereal, mid-tempo number with a percussive bass line and gently soaring vocals” ~ AMERICAN SONGWRITER MAGAZINE

12/02/17   Montreal QC – La Vitrola
11/11/17   San Francisco CA – The Chapel
11/10/17   Nevada City CA – Tiger Alley Vintage
11/08/17   Oakland CA – The Starline Social Club
11/06/17   Portand OR – Turn, Turn, Turn w/ Ilyas Ahmed & Tispur
11/05/17   Obsidian – Olympia WA w/ Tispur / Anna Gordon
11/04/17   Seaview WA – Sou’wester
11/03/17   Seattle WA – The Auditorium w/ Tispur
11/02/17   Vancouver BC – The Redgate Revue Stage
10/29/17   Victoria BC – The Copper Owl
10/28/17   Nanaimo BC – The Vault
10/27/17   Salt Spring Island BC – Valhalla

First Listen: “Unsmush your heart with ORA COGAN‘s stunning ‘Moonbeam'” via UK’s GOLD FLAKE PAINT.
“Crickets” will be released November 3rd // PRE-ORDER //

“‘Moonbeam’ offers the kind of poignant and powerful escape
that will lead you to return over and over again” ~ GOLD FLAKE PAINT

Oct 27 – Valhalla – Salt Spring Island BC
Oct 28 – The Copper Owl – Victoria BC
Oct 29 – The Vault – Nanaimo BC
Nov 02 – The Red Gate Revue Stage – Vancouver BC w/ Lief Hall
Nov 03 – TBA – Seattle WA w/ Tispur
Nov 04 – The Sou’Wester – Seaview WA w/ Tispur
Nov 05 – Obsidian – Olympia WA w/ Tispur / Anna Gordon
Nov 06 – Turn, Turn, Turn – Portand OR w/ Ilyas Ahmed & Tispur
Nov 10 – TBA – Nevada City CA
Nov 11 – The Chapel – San Francisco CA w/ Sean Hayes
Dec 02 – La Vitrola – Montreal CA