TASSEOMANCY reveal “Missoula”, the subtly beautiful new track is streaming via THE LINE OF BEST FIT (UK).
Do Easy LP will be released November 18th via Bella Union (ROW) and Hand Drawn Dracula (Canada).
*** Dates TBA + Limited Canada Only Coloured Vinyl Edition /// Pre-Order HERE.

Missoula has hypnotic rhythms with jazz brass and Bon Iver-y vocals. It creeps and slinks, with bursts of colour peppering the shadowy bones of the song – noises swoop in and out of earshot, never lingering long enough to clutter the atmosphere.”

“pulling from faery folk, Cocteau Twins and other mid-’80s 4AD, Kate Bush and other earthy, witchy sources.
It’s a really lovely record” ~ BROOKLYN VEGAN

“musical cues from Hebraic tradition, but enters the modern age with waves of warm synths and cool, hypnotic vocals” ~ EXCLAIM!

“holds itself as a deadbeat anthem for a generation unsure if anything is possible, synths and steady drums inhaling and exhaling, that’s worth drawing into your arms based on the tamber of their vocals alone – creatively endearing and deleightfully unsettling”

VALLENS CONSENT video premiere and interview with Robyn Phillips and director Michele Ayoub via NOISEY.
Vallens debut “Consent” LP available on limited Blue vinyl HERE.

“The lo-fi Toronto band’s David Lynchian inspired video demands respect and belief in women. – Vallens’ debut album, a dark aura of lo-fi rock led by singer-songwriter Robyn Phillips that explores a myriad of women’s issues including sexual, physical, and communicative consent” ~ NOISEY

“dissonance, piercing guitars and impassioned vocals to make a sound akin to Siouxsie & the Banshees or Los Angeles’ X”

Sept 21 – Lee’s Palace – Toronto w/ Psychic TV
Sept 22 – Club Lambi – Montreal (Pop Montreal)
Sept 23 – Pressed – Ottawa w/ His Clancyness

HIS CLANCYNESS premiere “Uranium” via NOISEY and EXCLAIM! Magazine. Isolation Culture LP was produced by Matthew Johnson (Hookworms) and Stu Matthews (Beak, Anika, Portishead) and will be released October 14th 2016. PRE-ORDER the VERY LIMITED North American Gatefold Vinyl HERE.

“A motorik rhythm accompanied by a layered lament synthetico paint a claustrophobic landscape – balanced by the warmth of analog recording – a slacker Kurt Vile meets the artistically lo-fi approach of Swell Maps, the austerity of Berlin Bowie and the romanticismo stramboide of the first 4AD releases” ~ NOISEY

“ascending guitar line, live drums and “Blade Runner synth” were added to the track at Geoff Barrow’s Invada studio in Bristol, UK. There might not be any bass, but there’s plenty of other sound play to keep your ears entertained” ~ EXCLAIM!

09/22/16 Montreal QC : POP MONTREAL w/ Nailbiter, Vallens, Tasseomancy
09/25/16 Toronto ON : Double Double Land w/ Psychic Ills
09/23/16 Ottawa ON : Pressed
10/01/16 Munich, Germany – Glockenbachwerkstatt
10/02/16 Berlin, Germany – ACUD
10/03/16 Hamburg, Germany – Club!heim im Schanzenpark
10/04/16 Rotterdam, Netherlands – Wunderbar
10/05/16 London, UK – The Waiting Room
10/06/16 Sheffield, UK – Bungalows & Bears
10/07/16 Liverpool, UK – The Shipping Forecast
10/08/16 Brighton, UK – Stiky Mike’s Frog Bar
10/09/16 Paris, France – Point Ephemere
10/10/16 Nantes, France – Madame Rêve
10/11/16 Lille, France – La Peniche
10/12/16 Luxembourg – De Gudden Wellen
10/13/16 Schorndorf, Germany – Manufaktur

FRESH SNOW share “Three-Way Mirror” stream via FLOOD Magazine & land SONG OF THE DAY over at UK’s THE LINE OF BEST FIT.   New LP “ONE” out this Friday // PRE-ORDER LIMITED WHITE VINYL HERE.

“Insistent looping electronics build and evolve around a simple, yet hopeful piano melody. This gradually becomes less organic, twisting and contorting as layers of keyboards and squelching 8-bit synths pile up before giving way to simple handclaps and undulating bass. It’s a delicate and euphoric listen – deservedly our Song Of The Day.” ~ THE LINE OF BEST FIT

“an earnest, aching love song. “Je prends un rendezvous avec mon homme dans la cinquième dimension, et je me regarde pour la première fois” a female voice says – in lightly arpeggiating layers of piano, the sound cascading in a bright drizzle until, suddenly, we’re off, click-clacking up to speed and out into space. It’s a deft and affecting piece of music delivered with refreshing minimalism” ~ FLOOD MAGAZINE

“Great bands know how to challenge themselves while capitalizing on their strengths, and Fresh Snow have done exactly that” ~ EXCLAIM!

“Fresh Snow continues to be the breath of fresh air post-rock really needs” ~ GRAY OWL POINT

“Fresh Snow tune somehow crept under my skin – not unlike what some might hear in the Stranger Things soundtrack –
pulsing and throbbing, creating something altogether animal-istic” ~ AUSTIN TOWN HALL

“Fact is Fresh Snow excel at pretty well everything they try on” ~ RIDE THE TEMPO

ONE is an incredibly wide-ranging beast, with each track mastering a different form,
texture or genre while still keeping a core focus” ~ METHODS UNSOUND

FRESH SNOW premiere another track from their brand new album “ONE” (9/9) // Stream “January Skies” via CLASH (UK).
PRE-ORDER limited white vinyl via HERE.

“Fresh Snow seem to have returned from the wilds of Canada with their most visceral, immediate, and engrossing record yet –
Epic musicianship that looks out towards the extremes” ~ CLASH

FRESH SNOW premiere their track “I Can’t Die” via the good people at THE FADER.
“ONE” LP is out September 9th in limited white vinyl and available for PRE-ORDER.

“I CAN’T DIE Is Eternally Menacing Krautrock – a classic krautrock marathon morphs into something sacred with the introduction of an Italian boy’s choir and church organ, and closes with warm psychedelic trails” ~ THE FADER

09/22/16 Toronto ON : Small World Music Festival – Ontario Place w/ Wally Badarou
09/10/16 Hamilton ON : Supercrawl – Baltimore House w/ Not Of, Several Futures, Nailbiter


Excited to announce TASSEOMANCY, aka Canadian twin sisters Sari and Romy Lightman, have joined Hand Drawn Dracula! The title track of their new album, Do Easy, is streaming via The Fader and the LP will be released November 18th via Bella Union (ROW) and Hand Drawn Dracula (Canada). *** Dates TBA + Limited Canada Only Coloured Vinyl Edition Pre-Orders HERE.

“glowing, dreamy retro-pop song, undercut with a little bit of melanchony – Romy and Sari’s lush vocals flit between pillowy and crystalline” ~ THE FADER



“Inspired by the wild flamingos of all the night karaoke soirees and the domestic manifesto of William S Burroughs’s The Discipline of DE, “Do Easy” is a iconoclast pop hit written from Romy Lightman’s sub-conscious in a basement apartment. Burroughs’s doctrine on finding “the easy way” struck me as something rare and I hung onto it like a piece of protection. Later on, I discovered that Genesis P-Orridge believed this text to be one of the greatest magic techniques for retraining the mind. Endorsed by Occultists, stoners, freaks, the ultra zen and the highly sensitive, Do Easy attempts to infuse the mundane with a gentle joy and a sense of simple delight. Tasseomancy’s choral interpretation was created with all this in mind. Additional vocals by Sari Lightman and arrangements by band members Johnny Spence on synth/piano and Evan Cartwright on drums with musical accompaniment by Brodie West on saxophone.” ~ TASSEOMANCY