FREE Kalaboogie Remix EP // HDD040

1. Kalaboogie (Graham Walsh / Holy Fuck / Etiquette Remix)
2. Eternal Return (Slade Robbie / Humans Remix)
3. Born from the Marriage of the Moon & Crocodile (Lee Paradise Remix)
4. Disremember/Dismemberment (Moonwood Remix)
5. Ovoo (Sibian+Faun Remix)
6. Eternal Return (Mono Cliffs Remix)
7. Ovoo (Kitt Grill Remix)

DOOMSQUAD Kalaboogie Twice Me is an EP of curated remixed tracks from the siblings debut album.
Hand Drawn Dracula is also pleased to successfully place Doomsquad on the road opening for HDD favorite, Tanya Tagaq.

Nov. 6 – Toronto @ The Great Hall *
Nov. 7 – Ottawa @ National Arts Center *
Nov. 8 – Montreal @ Phi Theatre *
Nov. 13 – London @ Aeolian Hall *
Nov. 21 – Toronto @ Tattoo ^^
Nov. 22 – Montreal – M For Montreal @ Divan Orange ^^
* w/ Tanya Tagaq
^^ w/ Gazelle Twin


DOOMSQUAD premiered “a Dada-inspired video” for Head Spirit (For Our Mechanical Time) on UK’s The Line of Best Fit.

“Doomsquad exist in the crossover spaces, the fringes and thresholds of contrasting opposites, the urban landscapes versus the wild forests, chaos versus intricate arrangement, fear versus refuge.” ~ The Line of Best Fit


DOOMSQUAD share their new music video for “Disremember/Dismemberment” (NSFW) from their debut album “Kalaboogie“. The video was directed by Luke McCutcheon, with art directoion by Trevor Wheatley, and editing by Colin Murdock.


DOOMSQUAD‘s debut album Kalaboogie is streaming now in it’s entirety over at UK’s DAZED AND CONFUSED Magazine! The siblings have been garnering some serious international praise and are now set to tour North America & Europe this March through June with scheduled dates at Valley Of The Vapors, SXSW, The Great Escape UK, NXNE, and more!

“an odyssey as twilit and ceremonious as Halloween in Twin Peaks ~ the group weave the aboriginal music of their North Canadian upbringing into the visionary sounds of Gang Gang Dance, Fever Ray and Gazelle Twin – Subtly entrancing and sulphurous, Kalaboogie stretches out like a volcanic winter, soaring over DoomSquad’s native Canadian wilds and effortlessly outpacing the long shadow of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell” ~ DAZED

“thrilling and original. Another early candidate for best of 2014.” ~ The Star

“DOOMSQUAD are among the best performers in Canadian indie” ~ Exclaim!


DOOMSQUAD‘s Waka Waka video directed by Ghostprom premiered on Black Book Magazine.

“Toronto’s post-punk moonchildren – have a video for the latest single from their upcoming debut LP Kalaboogie. Waka Waka lulls you in with a couple characteristic minutes of ominous build before pulling the trigger on a surprisingly upbeat psych rhythm. But call the onscreen toll-free number, 1-844-666-hell, and they’re right back to script:

“Hello earth child. You have arrived at the altar of all things, or at least the teleportal that will help transport you,” via a secret code to download yet another piece of drifting ambience, Waka Binaural” ~ chartattack


DOOMSQUAD perform “Disremember/Dismemberment” at The Great Hall for Scion Sessions / AUX TV & Long Winter Festival.

“Disremember/Dismemberment is all about the rhythm and beat. What is revealed? Unveiled? While at the same moment, to indulge in rhythm, to feast on it, to isolate on insulate, while heading to new places that are brand new.” ~ Scion


DOOMSQUAD debut the down-tempo industrial track “Disremember/Dismemberment” over at Noisey and announce the release of their debut album Kalaboogie February 25 via Hand Drawn Dracula (CAN/USA).

“music that actually rules – a swirling, haunting track that feels like October” ~ Noisey

(photo by Laura-Lynn Petrick)


DOOMSQUAD release a new video for “Ovoo” and the digital single “Ovoo / The Cools” via Hand Drawn Dracula (CAN/US/World) and No Pain In Pop (EU/UK). The trio begin their mini tour of EU/UK with No Joy, Jessy Lanza, and Dead Gaze this week. The video was directed by Chris Boni premiered on Line of Best Fit


DOOMSQUAD release a hypnotic new video for “Eternal Return” from EP and upcoming full-length debut. Director Steve Reaume created the video “using his own algorithm that visually interprets the song mathematically. This results in a unique formation of blurred, grainy lines, slowly moving in kaleidoscope vision, triggering swift, paralyzing light as they begin to form more detailed objects ~ find yourself lost between their spiritual forces and a wicked video that matches the vibe perfectly.” – Portals


DOOMSQUAD, the mysterious Toronto/Montreal-based sibling trio, have been crafting eerie electronica for several years, and recently signed to Hand Drawn Dracula in order to spread their tunes to parts unknown.

To celebrate their new signing, we met with them in their basement, which conveniently doubles as a studio, for a performance of “Oovo,” off their as-yet-unannounced debut LP, tentatively titled Kalaboogie. The haunting track features chilling harmonies, a pulsing electronic beat, and a recorder solo.” ~ Exclaim



Hand Drawn Dracula welcomes DOOMSQUAD to the roster and we look forward to helping develop the project from the 3 song bandcamp demos into EPs and full length albums scheduled for later this year.

Dark new agers DOOMSQUAD re-code the electronic music narrative with a more worldly and cosmological presence than the genre would normally dictate. Their songs are rich in variance and full of vividness, spanning across their upcoming debut LP. Drawing in guitar, flute, percussion and synth, the Montreal and Toronto-based siblings Allie, Jaclyn and Trevor Blumas act as aural anthropologists, teaming relics of cross cultural traditions like chanting and repetition over seismic ripples of deep bass. Doomsquad’s mixing of influences leaves you feeling awakened.

Doomsquad EP released this summer and the debut full-length released this fall via Hand Drawn Dracula.