Tangiers headline HDD NXNE Showcase!

    Hand Drawn Dracula is excited to announce TANGIERS as our headliner for NXNE 2013!

    Ten years ago, Toronto band Tangiers recorded and released their debut record “Hot New Spirits”. These life long friends recorded this document  live off the floor to tape,  thus beginning a whirlwind of chaotic live shows, critical acclaim and heavy strange wildness.  Tangiers was built with equal measure muscular intensity and lithe weirdo damaged poetry.

    Blending core rock and roll, manic energy, and an outsider art soul, Tangiers predated a Toronto band explosion to come. Their unhinged energy and “locals only” city kid aesthetic came along with a rancid garbage strike and a sweltering heat wave. International recognition suggested a star on the precipice of birth, instead implosion.

    It was over for this original line up in under a year.
    10 years later Tangiers are reforming for a show, because playing feels good.

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